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Trauma-focused Therapy

 Trauma sensitive approach to getting back to living your life

Traumatic experiences affect most areas of human functioning: the way you think, the way you feel physically and emotionally, and the way you respond to challenging situations. The skilled therapists in our Boston, MA office provide you with a safe non-judgmental space to talk about and process your experiences. We utilize skills-based approaches to working with trauma with the goal of helping you find healthy ways to respond to your thoughts, feelings, physiological experiences, and external challenges. Biofeedback- and Mindfulness-based approaches to trauma have been scientifically shown to be effective in achieving these goals.


Our Practice

We are located in Post Office Square, in the heart of the Boston, MA Financial District. We offer teletherapy appointments and in-person appointments, adhering strictly to COVID-19 precautions. Click here to read more about scheduling and payment options.

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Our Team

Boston Center for Health Psychology and Biofeedback was founded by Dr. Inna Khazan, an internationally recognized expert in the fields of biofeedback and mindfulness. Our talented and dedicated team now also includes Jenae Spencer, LMHC, an experienced therapist and trauma specialist.

Listening to Music

Books and Audio

Take a look at our free meditation audio recordings and helpful books.

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