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It is human nature to try to escape or avoid difficult or painful experiences. You may have noticed that when you feel anxious, sad, angry, ashamed, experience physical pain, or think about all the terrible things that could happen, you try to make those thoughts and feelings go away. You may try to distract yourself or ignore the feelings or actively try to control or fight them. While this reaction is entirely normal and human, it is also the reason why you may find yourself stuck in the difficult feelings, unable to move forward with the kind of life you’d like to live. You get stuck because you use up your energy and resources on a struggle to control what is not actually under your control – your thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness Therapy Can Change How You Respond to Challenges

Mindfulness is an antidote to the futile struggle with your experience. Mindfulness allows you to tell the difference between what is and what is not under your control, and choose a healthy response to the difficult experience. With our help, you will learn the skills necessary to disengage from the futile struggle to control your thoughts and feelings and focus your energy of what is under your control – the way you respond to your thoughts and feelings and the actions you take as part of a healthy response to difficult situations. Together, we figure out the kind of life you want to live and help you take the steps necessary to make it happen.

Dr. Inna Khazan speaks with Dr. Ronald Siegel about Mindfulness and Pain

Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is scientifically proven to be an efficacious treatment for a variety of physiological and emotional difficulties, including anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, and gastrointestinal distress.

Mindfulness-based Therapy in Boston, MA

The mindfulness training we offer at Boston Center for Health Psychology and Biofeedback consists of mindfulness meditation training and mindfulness-based skills. With mindfulness meditation training, you learn to bring your attention to the present moment, disengage from judgment and allow that moment to be as it is, while anchoring your attention on specific sensations, such as your breath, physical sensations in your body, the sounds around you, or images of your choice.


Mindfulness meditation training is akin to a workout for your mind. When you meditate on a regular basis, your brain strengthens its ability to regulate emotion, focus attention, chose how to respond to challenges, solve problems, and make decisions. These skills are then available to you in the moment of difficulty, much like stronger muscles may be available to you after you’ve been working out for a few months and suddenly need to lift a heavy object.


Mindfulness-based skills are derived from the principles and practice of mindfulness meditation. These are step-by-step skills you can use in the moment of difficulty to help you improve your resilience and ability to navigate the challenge. Mindfulness-based skills are performed quickly as needed, and do not require you to meditate at the moment.


Mindfulness training is instrumental in improving professional, artistic, and athletic performance. Mindfulness meditation training strengthens your mind’s foundational ability to regulate emotions, focus attention, make decisions, and solve problems. Mindfulness-based skills equip you with tools you need to focus your energy and internal resources on making the best use of your professional knowledge and training at the moment of challenge.

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Our Team

Boston Center for Health Psychology and Biofeedback, in Boston, MA, was founded by Dr. Inna Khazan, an internationally recognized expert in the fields of biofeedback and mindfulness. Our talented and dedicated team now also includes Jenae Spencer, LMHC, an experienced therapist and trauma specialist.


Our Services

Our therapists provide treatment for anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, trauma, chronic pain and other medically related conditions. We also help our clients effectively navigate challenges that come along with relationships, life changes, work-related stress, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting, as well as with general life issues.

Listening to Music

Books and Audio

Take a look at our free meditation audio recordings and helpful books.

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