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Books and Meditation Recordings


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A comprehensive guide for anyone interested in learning easy-to-use practical skills for improving health and performance. Through evidence-based practices, grounded in biofeedback and mindfulness, this book guides its readers through increasing their resilience and emotional flexibility while empowering them to take back control of their overall health. Particular attention is focused on improving personal and professional performance, as well as common challenges, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, anger, and insomnia.

Clinical Handbook of Biofeedback.jpg

This handbook is written for clinicians who use biofeedback in their practice. This book guides its readers step by step through the processes of applying biofeedback in a clinical setting, providing proven and effective methodologies for those new to the technique as well as offering established practitioners a means of enriching their work and improving patient outcomes. By integrating powerful mindfulness approaches into biofeedback practice, the book addresses common challenges encountered by biofeedback practitioners, further improving patient outcomes.


Meditation Recordings

These meditation audio recordings accompany Dr. Inna Khazan’s book Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life. These recordings are free to download for your personal use.

The recordings are primarily instructional in nature and are shorter than most meditation sessions. Please use these recordings as your initial guide to mindfulness and self-compassion until you are ready to practice on your own.

Meditations to Start With

Mindfulness of the breath
00:00 / 12:46
Mindfulness of sound
00:00 / 05:55
Body awareness (body scan)
00:00 / 15:51
Mindfulness of thoughts, feelings, physiological sensations
00:00 / 11:18
Raisin meditation
00:00 / 07:14
Thoughts on leaves meditation
00:00 / 10:33

Meditations for Grounding and Resilience

Anchor meditation
00:00 / 05:03
Lotus meditation
00:00 / 06:00
Mountain meditation
00:00 / 12:25

Meditations for Pain, Anxiety and Depression

Experiencing anxiety
00:00 / 07:01
Light meditation
00:00 / 08:05
Mindfulness of pain
00:00 / 10:51

Mindful Relaxation Exercises

Autogenic training
00:00 / 10:54
Beach imagery
00:00 / 04:34
Passive muscle relaxation
00:00 / 05:15
Progressive muscle relaxation
00:00 / 09:42

Compassion and Self-compassion Meditations

Metta (loving kindness) meditation
00:00 / 09:36
Tonglen (giving and taking) meditation
00:00 / 09:01
Difficult emotion practice (soften, soothe, allow)
00:00 / 10:00
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